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The Donnison School Heritage, Educational and Media Centre is home to Living History North East and their friends, 'The Friends of The Donnison Schoo'l. Based in the East End of Sunderland the centre supports a wide range of community, educational and heritage  events and activities and visitor attractions. Living History North East is a charity, which is supported by  The Friends of The Donnison School, providing opportunities for local people to get involved in celebrating our local heritage.  There is a programme of talks; guided walks; film and slide shows; open days; gardening projects; fetes; educational outreach projects; and a very active volunteer programme. Everyoen is welcome and encouraged to be part of it!


If you would like to support the organisation and its work, you can make a donation to the charity Living History North East.

Volunteering Opportunities

There are many ways in which people of all ages can get involved in the life of the Donnison School. Opportunities through workshops, activities, events, volunteering and friends' group occur throughout the year.

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities available whether you would like to act as a guide, work on the gardens, plan events and fun days or catalogue information, administration and much more.

To find out more about volunteering for The Donnison School see our section on volunteering by clicking here.



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