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The Home That Won the War
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Telling Our Stories: The Home That Won the War: An Intergenerational Project

Friends of The Donnison School celebrate £9,700 Heritage lottery Fund

The Friends of The Donnison School (FODs) is one of the first groups in the UK to receive a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in Sunderland.

The exciting project “The Home That Won The War: An Intergenerational Project in Sunderland and led by the Friends of The Donnison School has been given £9,700 to explore Sunderland during The Second World War. The project will focus on Sunderland’s home front experience, providing opportunities for young and old to work together to re-create a Dig For Victory allotment scheme; a WWII re-enactment school learning programme. The project will finally culminate in a World War two event bringing together the sights, sounds and smells of war time Sunderland.

“The Home That Won The War; An Intergenerational project, is one of the hundreds of successful projects around the UK to receive a grant. The Friends of The Donnison School will help local people explore and celebrate memories and experiences of those who lived in Sunderland during 1939 -1945. The project will create opportunities to investigate the past looking at rationing, the role of women, evacuation, bombing and the Dig for Victory Campaign. The project will run intergenerational workshops; develop a WWII school re-enactment educational programme; develop a web resource and new heritage educational tools. The project will run a Dig for Victory intergenerational garden project and will culminate in a large WWII VE Day celebration in the city.

TV presenter and historian Michael Wood said “We British love our history, and no wonder: few nations in the world, if any, have such riches on their doorsteps, and so much of it is accessible to all".

Susan Spagnoli of The Friends of the Donnison said; “Keep Calm, Don’t Panic. Enjoy this innovative project celebrating the sights, sounds and smells of Sunderland during the Second World War. It’s great that we have been awarded this grant and we can’t wait to get started. We love where we live and know there is so much more to discover about our past” We are all really excited about telling other people about our findings and sharing our heritage and history with them.”

Ivor Crowther, head of the HLF North East said “ Clearly the success of All Our Stories has reinforced the fact that we are indeed a nation of story tellers and that we want to explore and dig deeper into our past and discover more about what really matters to us. This is exactly what the grant will do for “The Home that Won The War: An Intergenerational Project, as they embark on a real journey of discovery”.

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